By: Brown Nutan

What Is A Buyer Representation Agreement

Whether you're searching for a city condo or a charming suburban home, the process of finding your dream property is an exhilarating journey. However, as you navigate the exciting times ahead, it's important to stay informed and educated throughout every step of the process.


One crucial document that you will come across during your home-buying journey is the Buyer Representation Agreement (BRA). This written contract defines the relationship between you and the brokerage, and how your real estate agent will represent your best interests.


By signing a BRA, your real estate agent will work exclusively on your behalf and handle much of the home-buying process, including negotiating, inspecting, and paperwork. The agreement also outlines the services your agent will provide and what they expect from you.


While there are many benefits to signing a BRA, there are also some drawbacks. For example, by designating a real estate agent as your representative, they will always receive a commission if you purchase property during the contract term. Additionally, with an exclusive BRA, you will not be able to use another real estate agent.


If you choose not to sign a BRA, you can still work with a real estate agent, but you will be considered a customer rather than a client. This means there could be differences in how you are represented during the home-buying process.


It's important to fully discuss and understand the services provided and the cost related to the services before signing a BRA. The agreement can be written, oral, or implied, but it will ultimately be required by law to be reduced to writing with your signature in order to protect everyone involved.


If you are considering multiple representation, which means that a brokerage represents both the buyer and the seller of a property, it's important to ask questions and consult the representation agreement before any offer is submitted. Multiple representation must be consented to in writing.


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