By: Brown Nutan

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

With spring fast approaching, why not take the opportunity to tackle some much needed cleaning around the house?


Here are our top 5 tips for a successful spring clean:


Clear the clutter


Spring is a great time to organize your home and get rid of clutter that you don't need. Start by organizing your belongings into three categories: keep, give away, and throw out. If you don't love it, get rid of it! There's no point in hanging onto something that doesn’t bring meaning to your life.


Clean one room at a time


You won't make much progress jumping from room to room. Make a checklist for each room to ensure it receives the attention it deserves. Skip areas of the room that have been attended to recently and focus on parts that were neglected during the winter season.


Involve your family


If your kids are hanging around the house, get them involved. Even the smallest help can make a big difference. Turn the chores into a game by playing some music or creating a reward incentive. This can be a great bonding opportunity for the entire family.


Prepare the outdoors


Getting a head start on your outdoor chores will save you time and energy in the future. Start by cleaning your grill, patio, windows, and any other outdoor items that may have been neglected during winter. This will be a welcome relief from indoor confinement when the warm weather hits.


Implement a cleaning schedule


The less mess you make this year, the less you will have to clean up next year. A simple 15-minute cleanup routine every few days will help substantially in the long run. Stick to the schedule and by this time next year, you will be thanking yourself!