By: Brown Nutan

Tips For Selling A Home In Summer

Warm weather and long daylight hours make summer an ideal time to list your home. But just like every other season, summer presents unique challenges and opportunities for home sellers looking to get maximum value.

Here are 4 expert tips if you are thinking of selling your home this summer:


Prepare The Exterior Of The Home


When selling a home during the summer, it’s extremely important to prepare the exterior of the home. Trimming the bushes, cutting the lawn, planting flowers and adding special touches around the front entrance will go a long way for potential buyers. First impressions count, and making sure your exterior is crisp, clean, and attractive will help your home stand out from the rest.


Highlight Outdoor Living Space


Another way to impress potential buyers before they even set foot in your home is to highlight the outdoor living space. Many homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors, so showcasing how amazing a home’s outdoor living space is for entertaining family and friends will help fetch a higher asking price. Make sure the patio is swept and the pool is clean if you have one.


Keep The Home Cool


In the warm summer months, the last thing a homebuyer wants to do is enter a hot home. There is nothing worse than a stuffy home on a hot day, and a cool interior will keep visitors viewing your home for longer. If your home is equipped with air conditioning, make sure it’s turned up during showings and performing efficiently.


Stage The Home To Reflect The Summer Season


An excellent opportunity when selling during the summer months is to stage it to reflect the season.   Summer staging tips such as placing flowers on a dining room table, planting bright flowers in a window box, and having summer scented candles are all relatively simple and inexpensive, but can make a home stand out!