By: Brown Nutan

Cozy Home Decor Tips For Winter

In order to get through the cold Canadian winter, you'll likely be spending more time at home than usual. But that doesn't mean you need to sit in boredom, waiting for the warmer months to melt away your misery. Here are 3 decor tips that will make you happy to stay home in the winter.


Add Earthy Elements


In contrast to the blooming flowers and bright florals of summer, winter allows you to embrace natural materials and rustic elements in your home. Bring the outdoors in with cedar boughs, pine cones, and birch candles to add a homey and warm feel to your space.


Leaving a stack of wood beside the fireplace gives you easy access on chilly nights, while also providing a chic display. If you have a non-functional fireplace, you can still make it cozy and winter-proof by stacking firewood inside.


Embrace Natural Scents


Dig up your favourite candles that you've gathered over the year from gifts and local shops, and light them during the winter months. A batch of fresh mulled wine or apple cider creates an aroma that will be delectable as well. 


On colder nights, you may simmer a pot of scents with natural ingredients like cinnamon sticks, apple peels, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla. Adding these natural aromas to your home during the cold months elevates its coziness and uplifts the atmosphere.


Re-Align Your Focus


A cozy night-in isn’t complete without your favourite chair or sofa. And while there's nothing wrong with huddling around the TV for a night of entertainment, this time of the year also presents an opportunity to focus on the simpler things.


Take advantage by catching up on your reading, spending quality time with family and friends, sipping on your favourite holiday drink, and planning out your goals for the new year. When winter's gone and you're on the move, you'll be glad to have spent the time relaxing and reflecting.